Bastian's Log, Neohaima 29

Arrival in Sartaus

After purchasing escort services from a Sartaus guard under the command of Ford, and receiving missionary amulets for myself and Zed from the priests, we departed for the city. From there we must quickly find passage to Rom’s Stand to locate Euric, and hopefully learn the truth behind Grandell’s cryptic last words.

The trip itself was quite eventful. One our first day out we were assailed by a cyclops, who was quickly dispatched by the Sartaus guard. On the second day we encountered a duo of human children, Cici and Raz, who were lost and without food. Taking mercy on them, we allowed them on our carriage and paid for their food. On the third and final day, the caravan was attacked by a pack of wild wolves. A few of them managed to reach our wagon, but we were able to either befriend or fend them off. The children were quite scared and clingy during the whole ordeal, but braved through it all the same.

Upon arriving in Sartaus, Ford informed us that in four days time a different patrol will be leaving for the northeast and will pass by Rom’s Stand. Four days is too long, but unfortunately leaving with the patrol is our best change at survival. We bid farewell to the children, and made our way to the local temple to give our thanks to the gods. Outside the temple was a heretic screaming about some godless philosophy, and just as some members of the party were about to accost him, we were stopped by a gnome augur named Deacon. It was at this time we noticed, Zed’s missionary amulet was gone. Quickly we realized there could only be one culprit, the clingy children. Luckily for us, Deacon knew where to find them.

We tracked the children down to a charity kitchen called the Pour Soul, where they almost escaped apprehension. We successfully caught them in a nearby alleyway, at which time they tearfully apologized and begged our forgiveness. Apparently, a local crime lord named Carcone had caught their friend Vigho stealing from him, and decided to keep him prisoner until the debt could be paid. The children offered Zed’s amulet as payment, which Carcone took without releasing their friend. After promising we’d help free their friend as well as retrieve Zed’s amulet, they led us to the entrance of Carcone’s hideout, though under the condition we not let anyone know who led us there.

After skulking around a sewer, encountering all kinds of its nasty inhabitants, we located the cave Carcone’s gang called home. José was able to bluff his way past a half-conscious guard, then knock him out. In the following room José accidentally knocked over a barrel of water, causing a guard to come inspect the situation. Jose then proceeded to sneak up on the guard, knock him out, and steal his clothes for the purposes of disguising himself as one of the thieves. Remarkably, no one caught on to his ruse for quite a while. We were soon able to locate the cavern that served as the thieves’ dungeon, and found the boy named Vigho along with another young girl. Having yet to locate Zed’s amulet, we knew we could not yet escape with the children, so we elected to unlock their cages and leave them there, promising to come back once we were ready to leave.

After further exploration, we found the dining hall where Carcone and the remainder of his henchmen were feasting. José’s ruse quickly fell apart at this point, and the fight was on. We were able to eventually take out the entire gang, though with several of our own down for the count as well. We then found Zed’s amulet just beyond in the sleeping quarters. We went back for the children only to find Vigho had fled, though the girl was still in her cage, too afraid to move. It took some convincing, but we were able to coax her out and bring her with us. Before we left however, we tied up all of the thieves and lowered them into a small chasm in their hideout, so that they authorities would have an easier time rounding them up.

Once we reemerged from the sewer, Zed departed for the temple with the girl, while the rest of us located a nearby inn for some rest after a long day.



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