Incident Report 998NE30:FORD:B

Attack on the Eastern Post Tower


At approximately midday, an attack took place targeting the Eastern Post Tower of the third wall. I had arrived shortly prior, to oversee the delivery of the Ferdren package (See: Report 998NE30:FORD:A). Before I was able to acquire the package, large sections of the northeastern wall exploded in a large combustion, dismantling much of the wall and scattering the contents of the room. Approximately a dozen orcs then proceeded to charge into the room, seizing packages and other items seemingly at random and fleeing with them. Apart from the violent initiation, this appeared to be typical of a raid. I quickly sent a sentry back to Sartaus with news of the attack and mobilized the guards in the area to defensive positions. We were able to neutralize several of the invaders, however many yet got away. Around this time, a band of individuals entered the tower and aided in our defense of it. These individuals go by the names of Adanessa Ruscrŷn, José Waldarón, and Zed Tirdoff, are known travelers and are elaborated upon in report 998NE29:FORD:B and files SEN:RUSCRŶN,ADANESSA, SEN:WALDARÓN,JOSÉ and SEN:TIRDOFF,ZEDEK,ZED. Once all of the orcs were either dispatched or had fled, a cursory inventory was taken and it was discovered the Ferdren package was missing. The travelers were also unable to locate their item. Assessing the situation, defense of the tower took highest priority, however there were not enough guards to adequately defend the area while also organizing a dispatch party to retrieve the stolen items. I enlisted the help of the travelers to follow with me after the orcs, knowing that they are at least somewhat combat capable and that they would be operating under my leadership so common missteps would be avoided. Having heard about a recent orc occupation of a nearby deserted holdfast, we set out to investigate. We subdued a sentry unit and were able to take the building unawares, though our entrance prompted significant attention. In time we located a secret passage way to a sub-basement level, wherein we discovered some orc officers meeting with what appeared to be a member of the painted skull cult (See reports 997AL47:GEIGER:D, 997KR12:ARIN:B, et. al in the file ORG:PAINTEDSKULL). The painted skull individual unfortunately escaped however we were able to secure the retrieval of the Ferdren package, following which we immediately retreated to the post tower. In my absence, there were no further attacks reported, however I determined it would be best to remain on site until reinforcements could arrive to secure the area. Due to needing to remain at the tower but despite my best judgment, I requested the travelers bring the Ferdren package into the city in my stead, to which they complied. Approximately an hour later reinforcements arrived with stonewrights in tow, and the reconstruction of the wall began. There were no further incidents in the time I remained on site.




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