Boy miscreant in Sartaus


A young human boy, Raz can be seen running around Sartaus at the heels of his companions Cici and Content Not Found: vigho. He’s the youngest of the three, but that doesn’t mean you valuables are safe when he’s nearby.


Raz’s history is unknown. The party encountered him and Cici on the road to Sartaus. Taking pity on the pair, the party let the children travel with them into the city, and upon arrival the children scurried off, with Raz having pocketed Zed’s protective amulet. Raz and Cici then went to meet the thief Carcone to trade the amulet for the freedom of their friend Vigho, but Carcone took the amulet and refused to release Vigho. The party then found the children at a local soup kitchen, and the children almost evaded capture. After explaining the situation to the party, the party agreed to help free Vigho.


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